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Your Ultimate AC Maintenance Company In Gauteng

ResolveOC Air Conditioning Services offers the best AC maintenance for home and corporate air conditioners throughout the year. ResolveOC has the most thorough aircon maintenance services throughout Gauteng Province while keeping running costs as low as possible. Regular air conditioning maintenance ensures your AC is running at optimal levels with the maximum amount of air and performance. This is why ResolveOC offers preventative AC maintenance to ensure all your air conditioners are running at their highest peak, all day long, all throughout the year. Preventative maintenance guarantees reduced running costs, optimal performance and air quality.

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Whatever brand, make or model of air conditioner you might have, ResolveOC offers nothing but the best services. Maintaining your air conditioner is a must and if not done regularly, your air conditioner will perform poorly. ResolveOC can schedule a maintenance plan with you or your company, whether it’s for home or commercial air conditioners, making ResolveOC your best air conditioning maintenance company throughout Gauteng that will take care of you and your company year out.

AC maintenance services offered by ResolveOC Air Conditioning Services include:

  • Coils: Your AC unit’s evaporator and condenser coil collect dirt over time, reducing its ability to absorb heat.
  • Filters: Air filters get clogged with dust and other forms of debris that obstruct your air conditioners airflow and operating efficiency.
  • Coil Fins: Coil fins bend easily and obstruct airflow. ResolveOC’s AC maintenance team can remove the bends or replace where necessary.
  • Blocked Condensation Drain: Obstructions in an AC unit’s condensation drain prevents drainage and increased condensation.

Something as cost effective and simple as air conditioner maintenance goes a long way and makes a big difference in the operation and functionality of your AC unit. Regular AC maintenance means you save money in the long run from potential breakdowns and expensive/advanced repairs to your air conditioner. A company like ResolveOC offers air conditioning maintenance to save you money and headaches from future problems from residential AC maintenance to larger commercial and industrial AC maintenance.